What is Foundry Hub?

Foundry Hub is a meeting point and sharing catalyst for the Foundry VTT community of gamers, game masters, authors, artists, and developers.

Whether you are a new user or GM or have years of experience with tabletop gaming, we have something for you:

  • News to keep you up-to-date on the latest happenings
  • Package explorer to easily discover exciting add-on content
  • Creator explorer to find artists, authors, map makers, musicians…

On top of the website, the Foundry Hub organization also host and maintain a number of Foundry VTT related projects, including:

Support Foundry Hub

Foundry Hub is a non-profit website launched in February 2021. The server costs are covered by donations. If you like Foundry Hub, please consider donating to help us keep the lights on.

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About this website

This website contains documentation for Foundry Hub projects, including how to contribute to the projects and how to use the projects.

This website is built with Jekyll and hosted on GitHub Pages. The source code is available on GitHub.